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At IMPT we believe strongly in continuing education and our staff has extensive advanced training. Scroll down to see list. 

Integrated Manual Physical Therapy Team:

Veronika Campbell  Owner, PT, MPT, CSCS, NSC

Veronika is a manual physical therapist with more than 18 years of experience. She received her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Michigan University and her Master's in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University in 1999. 

She received her certification as a strength and conditioning specialist in 2003 and then furthered her education to become a nutrition specialist certified in 2010. She has been practicing in Arizona since 2005. She has extensive advanced training in the Barral Approach of visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, and vascular manipulation. 

Veronika's has extensive patient care experience, which includes treating patient with complex chronic medical conditions as well as helping enhance performance of pro, semipro athletes and Ironman triathletes. Her treatment approach is focused on manual therapy, neural, and visceral mobilization. She uses a holistic approach of integrating techniques to improve alignment, muscle flexibility, strength, neural mobility, posture and function. She helps train the body for proper movement with proprioceptive neuro-muscular facilitation (PNF) and then reinforces it with education on postural principles to help with function and health.

In addition to being a practitioner she is an adjunct faculty at Midwestern University and Franklin Pierce University.

Professional Associations / Memberships

American Physical Therapy Association 

Stephanie Gilbert  PT, MSPT

Stephanie is a manual physical therapist with over 20 years of experience treating patients with a variety of injuries and diagnoses. Stephanie earned a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Pacific University in 1995. She has been an adjunct faculty member with Midwestern University’s Physical Therapy Doctoral program since 2010.

Stephanie’s career has focused primarily on the treatment of orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Her most recent area of focus is manual therapy and advanced training in the Barral approach in visceral and neural manipulation. She includes an assessment of the body as a whole to correct restrictions that can lead to pain and dysfunction. She uses a hands-on treatment focus to address limitations of soft tissue, joint mobility, strength, neuromuscular control, and postural deficits to improve efficiency and function. She instructs her patients in a personalized exercise program to address their specific findings while addressing their specific goal in therapy.

Stephanie treats orthopedic dysfunctions, headaches, TMJ, chronic pain, vestibular dysfunction, and includes treatment to joints, soft tissue, visceral, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). She has taken extensive courses on functional manual therapy and she is trained in vestibular rehabilitation, visceral mobilization, and cranial mobilization.

 Erin Appelt  PT, DPT, OCS

Erin is our vacation coverage therapist. 

Advanced Training & Continuing Education courses of the IMPT Team:

Training through the Barral Institute Coursework

Visceral Manipulation of Abdomen 1&2
Visceral Manipulation of Pelvis
Visceral Manipulation of Thorax
Visceral Manipulation Advanced Thorax and Neck
Neural Manipulation of Trauma and Whiplash Level 1
Neural Manipulation of the Upper Extremity 
Neural Manipulation of the Lower Extremity 
Neural Manipulation of the Cranial Nerves
Vascular Manipulation of the Upper Body & Thorax
Vascular Manipulation of the Lower Body, Abdomen & Pelvis
LT1- Advanced Assessment of the body
LT2- Endocrine & Brain Techniques
Fascial Crossroads 

Training through the Institute of Physical Art

Functional Mobilization Level 1 & 2
Upper and Lower Body Functional Mobilization
PNF- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
Advanced PNF & it's Application to the Pediatric Population
Core Stability & Back Education Course
Advanced training in Coccyx & Cranial Suture Mobilization
Advanced Gait Assessment & Treatment
Resistance Enhanced Joint Manipulation Course

Other Training Seminars:
CPR & First Aid Certified
Muscle Energy Techniques for Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine 
Stanley Paris E1
Mulligan Snags Course
Myofascial Release
NOI- Neuro Orthopedic Institute Course on Mobilization of the Nervous System
AAT- Associative Awareness Technique
Crainosacral for Torticollis Lecture
Oral-Facial Work & Restorative Breathing Course
Gary Gray Chain Reaction-Explosion 
Gary Gray Tri-planar Exercise Training
Sahrmann's Hip & Lumbar Spine Movement System Impairment Course
Vertigo & Vestibular Disorders
Immune System: The Mind Body Connection
Gut Brain Connection Seminar
Postural Symmetry Course
The Missing Links Series for Spine, Upper body & Lower Body 
IAOM-US Advanced Evaluation & Management of Lumbar Spine & Hip
NASM Functional Evaluation
Perform Better Functional Training Series
Foot Orthotics Course
Maitland & Kaltenborn Training Spinal Level 1
Functional Relationships of the Lower Extremities
Hip Stabilization Techniques for Lower Extremity Dysfunction
Management of Cervical Hypermobility Course
Extensive Mini training seminars on Throwing, Barefoot Running, Diaphragm & Thoracic Cage, Return to Running TRX, Active Release Technique, Yoga, Braingym, Feldenkrais, FMS, PRI, Dry Needling, and more

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