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IMPT Resources

****IMPT does not promote any one product nor does it receive any financial or otherwise benefit from promoting or giving reference on this site****


Taming Pain by Cheryl Wardlaw can be purchased at her website

Understanding the Messages of your Body by Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hay

Restoring you Digest your Digestive Health: How the Guts to Glory Program can transform your life by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco

QIGONG for Beginners Video: GAIAM production featuring Daisy Lee and Francesco Garripoli


NEW ON YOUTUBE:  go to IMPTAZ channel and you can watch videos on visceral therapy lectures and home exercises

The Fuzz Speech by Gil Hedley Anatomist   
***warning shows cadaver images***

Strolling Under the Skin by Dr JC Guimberteau 
***warning shows cadaver images***

Veronika's List:

***This is meant to be a resource of providers that I personally know or have been treated by and believe them to be of high quality like a medical “Angie’s List"***


Bradley Williams, MD specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and complimentary medicine Keye Health Associates 602-992-8100


Jeff Robinson, DC specializes in Applied kinesiology and Integrative nutritional medicine 480-991-5555
 Jarembek, DC  specializes in Active Release Technique 623-544-4444

*Craniosacral Therapy:

Carol Ristau, PT Physical Therapist specializing in craniosacral and manual therapy
 Health in Focus 602-331-7330

Tony Liker  specializes in craniosacral, neural and visceral therapies 480-326-3208


Kevin Mueller, DDS Arizona Smile Design specializing in TMJ disorders and breathing center for sleep apnea  623-474-3343

*Family Medicine:

Heidi Bannister, MD with Arizona Family Care specializing in family medicine and board certified 623-773-2848 or

Michaela Skelly, MD with Sonoran Medical Center  623-581-8998 or

Bradley Williams, MD specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and complimentary medicine Keye Health Associates 602-992-8100

*Family Counseling and Psychology:

Mary Delaney, PhD psychologist 480-839-0553

Barbara Christine Haines, M.A. Ed Licensed professional counselor, Mind, Body, and Spirit practitioner and Hyponotherapist  623-810-1640 or

Jill Davis MA, MSW specializes as a parent educator and coach 480-229-9226


*Massage Therapist:

Todd O’Quinn- “Muscle Mechanic” specializes in Myofascial release techniques and Reike 480-392-4313

Marian Fritsch-Gerl gentle bodywork with training in visceral and myofascial release 623-363-4857

*Movement Techniques like Feldenkrais, Tai Chi and Qi Gong:

Elizabeth Keith movement specialist in Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, awareness through movement, and more 602-885-8006 or

*Orthopedic Medicine:

Bertrand Kaper, MD  928-788-9520 or

Brent Hanson, MD  602-588-4040 or


Jennifer Hallden- 
specializes in Ortho-bionomy a from of gentle massage to reset the body's alignment and help it heal 602-738-0489

*Physical Therapist:

Pelvic Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Diana Munger at Desert Physical Therapy and Women’s Health Center 602-264-3369 or

Manual Therapy East ValleyBarrows Neurologic Institute therapists: Sam Jones, Amy Warrick, Tabitha Kuehn, Ryan Bays, Rick Little 480-767-0555 or

John Barns Myofascial Therapy: Amy Vanderlinden at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy  623-326-0861

*Rolfing and Bodywork:

Jeff Maitland, PhD the gentle rolfer 480-945-4032
Rihab Yaqub

*Somatoemotional Release and Trauma Release Techniques:

Cheryl Sanders MC, LPC, SEP 602-363-8352


*Sports Performance Enhancement:

 Anna Hartman 213-534-8565

*Yoga and Wellness:

Studio Santosha


To find a quality referral in another state I recommend looking at one of these two sites (ideally they have training in both approaches) or see my list below: 


***please go to Barral or Institute of Physical Art website for their contact info***

Madison, AL- Michelle Nesin - Barral & IPA

San Jose, CA- Curtis Cramblett and Susan Casto-Barral & IPA

Orange, CA- Sheila Northcutt- Barral 

Petaluma, CA- Em Squires - Barral & IPA

Chico, CA- Dustin Krampitz -Barral & IPA

Palo Alto, CA- Lang Ngov- Barral & IPA

Denver, CO– Gail Wetzler, Nancy Hackett Harrison, Jenn Shepard- Barral & IPA

Chicago, IL -Linda Butts- Barral & IPA

Atlanta, GA - Cheryl Wardlaw-Barral & IPA

Ellicott, MD- Arlene Ross- Barral & IPA

Pinehurst, NC- Natalie Andrews - Barral & IPA

Sante Fe, NM- Lauren Rose- Barral, Sara Huizenga, Cindy Kirby -Barral & IPA

Albuqurque, NM- Jean Anne Zollars Barral

NY, NY- Ryan Johnson- IPA

Eugene, OR- Kent Keyser- Barral & IPA

Portland, OR- Joanna and Gonzo Flores Barral & Acupuncturists

Junction City, OR- Mike Baum-IPA 

Lancseter, PA- Dawn Cox-IPA & Barral


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