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Taming Pain by Cheryl Wardlaw can be purchased at her website

Understanding the Messages of your Body by Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hay

Restoring you Digest your Digestive Health: How the Guts to Glory Program can transform your life by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco

QIGONG for Beginners Video: GAIAM production featuring Daisy Lee and Francesco Garripoli


NEW ON YOUTUBE:  go to IMPTAZ channel and you can watch videos on visceral therapy lectures and home exercises

The Fuzz Speech by Gil Hedley Anatomist   
***warning shows cadaver images***

Strolling Under the Skin by Dr JC Guimberteau 
***warning shows cadaver images***




It is now well recognized the benefit of taking probiotics or eating organic foods with “the good” beneficial bacteria in it for our digestive system such as Kefir, plain yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi. What is also invaluable to know is that the digestive system houses 70-80% of our immune cells and therefor really makes up most of our immune system. So in fighting disease, inflammation, and to truly trying to help your body heal, a healthy gut with the right amount of good bacteria is key in healing your body as a whole. There is much research on this topic and you can read many articles on the web for more information.

Products I have used or were recommended by highly trained nutritionists and physicians I know are:

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics 30, 60, 90 billion units
Klaire Labs probiotics
All Flora by New Chapter
Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 Formula by Natural Factors
Goat or Organic Plain Yogurt
Goat or Cow's Milk Kefir (a yogurt like product)
Bubbies Sauerkraut or other raw refrigerated fermented sauerkraut 

Fun Test: Any probiotic you purchase needs to contain live cultures and if placed in an ounce of milk and set on the counter it should curdle and start to become yogurt-like in 2-3 days

*Veronika’s List: 

***This is meant to be a resource of providers that I personally know or have been treated by and believe them to be of high quality like a medical “Angie’s List"***


Bradley Williams, MD specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and complimentary medicine Keye Health Associates 602-992-8100


Jeff Robinson, DC specializes in Applied kinesiology and Integrative nutritional medicine 480-991-5555
 Jarembek, DC  specializes in Active Release Technique 623-544-4444

*Craniosacral Therapy:

Carol Ristau, PT Physical Therapist specializing in craniosacral and manual therapy
 Health in Focus 602-331-7330

Tony Liker  specializes in craniosacral, neural and visceral therapies 480-326-3208

*Cycling Stores for Bike Maintenance and Fit:

Bicycle Ranch Chris Pullen 480-614-8300


Kevin Mueller, DDS Arizona Smile Design specializing in TMJ disorders and breathing center for sleep apnea  623-474-3343

*Family Medicine:

Heidi Bannister, MD with Arizona Family Care specializing in family medicine and board certified 623-773-2848 or

Michaela Skelly, MD with Sonoran Medical Center  623-581-8998 or

Bradley Williams, MD specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and complimentary medicine Keye Health Associates 602-992-8100

*Family Counseling and Psychology:

Mary Delaney, PhD psychologist 480-839-0553

Barbara Christine Haines, M.A. Ed Licensed professional counselor, Mind, Body, and Spirit practitioner and Hyponotherapist  623-810-1640 or

Jill Davis MA, MSW specializes as a parent educator and coach 480-229-9226


Jacquelyn Belen, DO with Sonoran Medical Center  623-581-8998 or


*Massage Therapist:

Todd O’Quinn- “Muscle Mechanic” specializes in Myofascial release techniques and Reike 480-392-4313

Marian Fritsch-Gerl gentle bodywork with training in visceral and myofascial release 623-363-4857

*Movement Techniques like Feldenkrais, Tai Chi and Qi Gong:

Elizabeth Keith movement specialist in Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, awareness through movement, and more 602-885-8006 or


Jaro Horvath functional nutritionist of ALeX (Active Life Experiment) a platform to help people thrive through nutrition integrated with active lifestyle 602-327-9383

*Orthopedic Medicine:

Bertrand Kaper, MD  928-788-9520 or

Brent Hanson, MD  602-588-4040 or


Jennifer Hallden- 
specializes in Ortho-bionomy a from of gentle massage to reset the body's alignment and help it heal 602-738-0489

*Physical Therapist:

Pelvic Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Diana Munger at Desert Physical Therapy and Women’s Health Center 602-264-3369 or

Manual Therapy East ValleyBarrows Neurologic Institute therapists: Sam Jones, Amy Warrick, Tabitha Kuehn, Ryan Bays, Rick Little 480-767-0555 or

John Barns Myofascial Therapy: Amy Vanderlinden at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy  623-326-0861

*Rolfing and Bodywork:

Jeff Maitland, PhD the gentle rolfer 480-945-4032
Rihab Yaqub

*Running Stores for Shoe and Fit Analysis:

SoleSports  623-332-2495

Tortoise and the Hare Sports 623-792-7900 they offer free good form running, walking, yoga classes, and other community lectures

*Somatoemotional Release and Trauma Release Techniques

Cheryl Sanders MC, LPC, SEP 602-363-8352


*Sports Performance Enhancement:

 Anna Hartman 213-534-8565

*Yoga and Wellness:

Studio Santosha


To find a quality referral in another state I recommend looking at one of these two sites (ideally they have training in both approaches) or see my list below:

To find a physical therapist that does manual therapy go to and click on find a CFMT

To find a practitioner of visceral therapy go to and find a physical therapist with at least visceral 1-4 completed 
(the more dots next to their name signifies higher level of training)


***please go to Barral or Institute of Physical Art website for their contact info***

Madison, AL- Michelle Nesin - Barral & IPA

San Jose, CA- Curtis Cramblett and Susan Casto-Barral & IPA

Orange, CA- Sheila Northcutt- Barral 

Petaluma, CA- Em Squires - Barral & IPA

Chico, CA- Dustin Krampitz -Barral & IPA

Palo Alto, CA- Lang Ngov- Barral & IPA

Denver, CO– Gail Wetzler, Nancy Hackett Harrison, Jenn Shepard- Barral & IPA

Chicago, IL -Linda Butts- Barral & IPA

Atlanta, GA - Cheryl Wardlaw-Barral & IPA

Ellicott, MD- Arlene Ross- Barral & IPA

Pinehurst, NC- Natalie Andrews - Barral & IPA

Sante Fe, NM- Lauren Rose- Barral, Sara Huizenga, Cindy Kirby -Barral & IPA

Albuqurque, NM- Jean Anne Zollars Barral

NY, NY- Ryan Johnson- IPA

Eugene, OR- Kent Keyser- Barral & IPA

Portland, OR- Joanna and Gonzo Flores Barral & Acupuncturists

Junction City, OR- Mike Baum-IPA 

Lancseter, PA- Dawn Cox-IPA & Barral


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