Integrated Manual Physical Therapy

Improving function through manual therapy


Experts in visceral, neural, and vascular manipulation


Help for the whole family

“I cannot say enough with how much Veronika, at IMPT, has helped my family with so many ailments. From hernia issues, plantar fasciitis, digestive issues, knee pain, bladder issues, post-surgical improvement, hip pain, literally the list could go on and on. My family has been going to her for at least 8 years and of all the professionals I have ever used in my life, Veronika is by far the best. She has an incredible sense of the understanding of how the body is connected and figuring out where the source of an issue is stemming from within the body. She truly has improved the quality of my life and my family's, with helping take care of issues that others in the medical community would never figure out. She truly is the definition of professionalism, caring, and exceptionalism rolled up into one!” 

~Nicodemus Family

Hip pain gone for good

"I had suffered for over a year with a deep, chronic pain in my groin and left buttock - no delicate way to say that! I went to doctors, had x-rays, a cortisone shot, nothing seemed to help. My daughter knew Veronika and suggested her to me. I was hesitant because her services were not covered by insurance, but I went ahead and booked the first appointment. She made me comfortable and confident that she knew what she was doing. I went to her for treatment 5 times altogether, over a couple of months and she made me better! Over a year later, the pain has not returned, but I would go back to her in a heartbeat. I'm very grateful and I count on her being there!" 

~Kathleen Johnson

Return to throwing pain-free

"I was diagnosed with a nerve problem in my left elbow that would require a second surgery involving the ulnar nerve and perhaps put an end to my days of throwing batting practice. After 4 appointments with Veronika, I was relieved of my elbow symptoms and able to resume throwing batting practice completely pain-free. She is sensational!"

~Bryan Price

 ML Manager

 Cincinnati Reds

Advanced, gentle, and transformative

"Stephanie has been helping me with a variety of ailments for over a year. Her work has been the most transformative healing that I have ever experienced! All of my issues related to pain, mobility, and digestion have improved. And it only took a few sessions to start noticing a difference! I feel like I can consult her on all kinds of health-related topics because she has such an advanced understanding of anatomy and how every system in the body is connected. I appreciate when she offers guidance on complementary care and makes referrals from her network of expert practitioners. Her bedside manner is what makes this healing journey so effortless, as she is non-judgmental, kind, and always positive. Stephanie's goal is to find and heal the root cause of problems, so I never feel like my appointments are rushed or incomplete. The treatment itself is gentle, meticulous and soothing – from what I can tell, it is one of the most advanced approaches available today and Stephanie is on the cutting-edge!"


Therapy that got me back to life and being active

"I had a complicated case of ulnar nerve entrapment in my right arm since July 2015. I went to many physical therapists, and every time my pain became worse. It was hard to eat, cook, type, write, wash my hair. If I wanted to run, I needed to keep my elbow straight. This nerve condition was really affecting every aspect of my life.

I consulted one of the most respected hand surgeons. She diagnosed me with cervical ribs and thoracic outlet syndrome and recommended a neck surgery. 

My last option before surgery was Veronika. I am a physical therapist myself, but I didn’t know what type of a miracle she would do for me. She worked with my neck, rib cage, spine, shoulder, elbow, and hand. She worked with the fascia, the nerves, the vascular system, and treated my body as a whole. After every treatment I felt an improvement.  I know my condition was very complicated, and finally after a year of treatment the pain stopped and I felt comfortable to call my arm healthy.  

Veronika is the only therapist that I would suggest to anyone with a complicated condition."

~NH - Professor of Physical Therapy

Run better than ever

"I originally started seeing Veronika to help resolve some issues stemming from a high-speed car accident that I wasn’t able to resolve during 2 years of therapy elsewhere. After my first session with Veronika, the relief was immediate and lasting. The time she took to fully explain the physiology and root cause of my issues not only helped me understand how to resolve my issues but was huge in helping me avoid doing things that would re-aggravate my injuries. 

About a year after completing my therapy for the car accident, I was training for my second marathon. I was committed to a training plan and set a goal of running a sub-4 hour marathon. During my training, I continually saw my pace slow down significantly around 12-14 miles into my long runs. My right groin/hip was locking up, but the rest of my body felt great. I contacted Veronika, and she found some underlying nerve issues in the area that she was able to significantly improve. I ended up beating my marathon goal by 17 minutes! Veronika was one of the first people I texted after the race to tell her how I did… I really feel that she played a huge part in my performance and consistency on race day."

~Jon M.